Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolution#11: Don’t believe rumors and don’t be afraid of the unknown

If foot surgery is recommended to you, there is no reason to panic. Foot surgery is designed to not only treat existing conditions, but to prevent further ones as well. Foot surgery rarely requires you to be off your feet for more than a few days, although some surgeries may require you to either have a cast or use crutches for up to several weeks. Our patients find that pain is usually mild after foot surgery, if at all. Our surgeons have the education, training and experience you want in a physician! When performed by either Dr. Marlene Reid or Dr. Lawrence Kosova, your feet and ankles will be in good hands!

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  1. Reading your post certainly made me want to share with others. I have had many problems with my feet. First my right foot had a hammertoe. The Podiotrist I saw chose to have surgery and on the right toe next to the big toe, he cut the center bone out! Now I later find that the big toe has a huge bunion type swelling. So, saw another doctor. He noticed that not only did I have a problem with this but I had a hammer toe on the other foot. He did surgery. It did not go well. His associate operated again and 'fused' the toe (this time left foot toe by big toe. He fused it 'up' ! Now it goes 'straight up'. Also, I have had Multiple Sclerosis for many years and my feet 'suddenly' went from a very narrow to M wide. The toes all turned under and around each other. Several doctors said they would not 'touch me' as they did not know what to do. The 2nd doctor decided to try again and this time he did straighten several toes - my toes on both feet now are 'unbendable' - I can not even cut the nails without help. I wonder if anyone else has had so much 'unhappy circumstances' as I have. My feet always 'hurt'. I 'feel' everything that touches them and it is like walking on a 'nail bed'- very painful. Unless I can find a 'flat bottom' sandal I can not wear a shoe. Barefoot is most of the time at home. I buy expensive shoes - sandals is all I can stand so far so would so apprecate any help you can offer. My feet get very cold, even though I live in Florida! Many years ago I was caught in a -30deg. snow storm while skiing and my feet were severely frost bitten. I thank God they were not frozen! Can you suggest any shoe with a flat bottom and not 'tight', hopefully warm but that does have support? I have bought sandals that are over $125. to $175 and can not go through a day without severe pain. Sometimes I can wear New BAlance tennis shoes with very heavy sox and that does not hurt so much. However, at this point my only help has been Joseph Seibel or Romeka. Thank you for your considerations of my problem.