Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why is December the perfect time to take care of your foot problems?

Most active people choose the winter months to have foot surgery to allow them to return to full activity in time for Spring and Summer activities. Walking, gardening, running and even sunbathing are all activities that are enjoyed best after foot problems have resolved.

December is the month this is easiest to take advantage of satisfied insurance deductibles and when patients enjoy the smallest amount of out of pocket expenses.

With online holiday shopping so popular, holiday shopping is no longer a deterrent for foot surgery.

There is nothing like sitting with your feet elevated on a cold winter day with a warm fire nearby! Foot surgery recovery and winter go hand in hand (or foot in foot)!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Let Your Feet Keep You From Wearing High Heels!!

As both a woman who likes to be fashionable and a podiatrist that needs to be sensible, my goal is to help women wear the shoes they want to wear more comfortably!

Recently, FOX32 Chicago interviewed me for a story on cosmetic foot surgery for women who wear high heels. Like almost all podiatric surgeons, I do not consider most foot surgeries to be cosmetic even if the goal is to wear shoes more comfortably. Many women think of correcting bunions, hammertoes and other unattractive foot deformities as cosmetic; but there is usually a structural abnormality associated with those unsightly problems. Insurances almost always cover the correction of foot deformities - even if there is the added bonus of making your feet more attractive!

While FOX32 Chicago initially intended to focus on only cosmetic procedures, my interview clearly shows that when the feet are involved, the definition of what is cosmetic is clearly not black and white. While some newer procedures (such as dermal fillers to the ball of the feet and laser for fungal nails) are not covered by insurance, there are very few purely cosmetic surgeries of the feet.

Function of the foot is always a factor in solving any foot problem. Cosmetic benefits aside, foot surgery is aimed to improve foot function.

My main concern with women is being able to wear fashionable foot wear comfortably and smartly. I believe it is important for any podiatrist to counsel their patients on how to wear high heels safely, how best to shop for shoes and advocates knowing not only your true shoe size but also your foot type before shoe shopping.