Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have Heel Pain???

Be sure to tune in to the Real Women on Health - an internet Radio show - this Saturday morning at 9:30 EST. I will be speaking on how to treat and take care of those painful heels. See below!!

Dr. Marlene Reid
Private Practice Podiatric Physician & Surgeon
Spokesperson, American Podiatric Medical Association

Get the inside scoop and become your own best wellness advocate!

Grab your morning coffee or tea, and dial in to join us at the virtual roundtable with Kelley Connors, host of RealWomen on Health! radio show and Dr. Marlene Reid, Women's Foot Health Care specialist to talk about

what a pain in the....heel! (find out what the pain is...and what it's not!)
When: Saturday, March 28 @ 9:30 am EST - 10 am EST
How to participate in the live chat and radio show on the internet:

1. Go to and register yourself prior to the show.

2. After you are registered, and prior to the start of the show, go to the show page found at http://www.blogtalkradio/realwomenonhealth.

3. To call in and listen: dial (646) 929-2625. However, this is a New York number. Local/long distance charges from your phone company will apply.**

4. If you live outside of NY, select the "Click to Listen" button on the show page, during any live show. This is free. When you want to talk to the guest or host, you select "Click to Talk". For this, you need a headset plugged in your computer. Otherwise, just text chat with the others online!

5. To ask a question via text chat, simply type in your question or comment!

6. Should you decide not to use text chat, that's OK too. Just listen in.

How to obtain the show if you can't join live:

1. Go to and register yourself into blogtalkradio.

2. After the show has finished live, go to

3. You can download the show to iTunes to listen to it, and then to your mp3 player.

The beauty of Podcasting with BlogTalkRadio, is that we give you options. If you can't listen live via the computer, you can listen via the telephone. If you can't listen live at all, then you can download it to your computer, your iTunes, or you can just stream it from the Show Page of the episode you want to listen to.

Do you have questions you want us to know in advance? Submit your questions to

No computer available or internet just died? Just dial-in for Audio: (646) 929-2625.

What is RealWomen on Health! About?
RealWomen on Health! is the only talk radio show on the internet that creates a network of support for women around such areas such as sexual health, pelvic health, the change before the change, menopause transitions, caregiving, working women and stress, women's heart disease, weight management, evidence-based complementary medicine, mid-life transition and navigating the healthcare system.

Interesting, informative and entertaining guests of the show include women who have written research-based books, women's health leaders from around the world, women's health film producers, and female health entrepreneurs who are in service to help women a proactive and knowledgeable approach to health and wellness.

So join us this Saturday, March 28th at 9:30 am EST to chat with us at our virtual roundtable.

Be Well,

Kelley Connors, MPH