Thursday, September 3, 2015

The PERFECT Wedding Shoes

I happened to notice the shoes that this bride was wearing in this photo - granted, the article was about the wedding couple being photo bombed by a group of naked bike riders in Philly (they do that in Chicago too); but my attention immediately went to her shoes!

They are the perfect height for dancing, smiling, kissing and walking down the aisle!  However, if you absolutely must have a higher heel for walking down that aisle with your very tall groom; take the following precautions:

1) Have a second pair of shoes with a lower heel.  That's what I did.  My husband is a foot taller than I am and I didn't want all the photos to make is so obvious.  I had one pair for the ceremony and one pair for the rest of the evening.  I had the dress hemmed to accommodate both at a sort of in-between length.

2) Practice and rehearse - not just at the rehearsal!  While you are not going to break in those heels, you can at least get used to wearing them if you start wearing them around the house for short periods of time weeks before the wedding.

3) Put pads in those shoes to take pressure off painful spots.  Nothing like your painful feet keeping you from smiling on the happiest day of your life (hopefully) so far.  You may need to experiment with the pads but better yet, take the shoes to a podiatrist and see how he or she can help you reduce pressure points while wearing them.

4)  Walk slowly.  I have known brides that are in such a rush to the alter and from the alter that I would swear that they were wearing roller skates.  Walking slowly will help you keep your balance and have a more normal gait despite any crazy heel height you wear.

5)  BE CAREFUL!  Especially if you are not used to wearing four, five or six inch heels.  It is very easy to literally fall off your heels.  Nothing worse than having an ankle sprain and not being able to dance to "your" song.

Now that I have your feet covered - its someone else's job to help you figure out your hair issues!