Thursday, May 9, 2013

Return of the Two Inch Heel!!!

I can't tell you how excited I was to see the article in this past Sunday's Chicago Tribune.   Finally, wearing a lower, safer show is fashionable! 

Heels that are over 3 inches cause so many problems on the ball of the foot.  Neuromas, torn ligaments, displaced and worn out fat padding and even metatarsal stress fractures are related to high heels.  But you all know that already.

So I am just going to share my story with you.  Recently, I purchased this fabulous pair of vintage designer European shoes that have a metallic heel.  I had no idea that they were back in style until I say the article and the photos of almost the exact shoe with a metallic heel!


I wore them to work yesterday and was so excited!  The only problem I had was that the front was somewhat rigid - you need to watch for that in a shoe that is constructed with stiff materials as this one was.  I wasn't able to wear my orthotics in them as they cause too much pressure on the forefoot.  Its okay to skip the orthotics once in awhile if they are not being used for an acute problem.

Check out the Chicago Tribune Article.