Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolution #2: Never be caught with your shoes off if you have heel pain.

Heel pain is very common and makes up 35% of our practice. Wearing shoes with a firm heel counter is very important in controlling plantar fasciitis, the leading cause of heel pain. If left untreated, this inflammatory problem can progress to a much more severe problem of tearing and scar tissue. Having proper heel support is the first step in controlling the progression of heel pain. Heel pain lasting longer than two months should be evaluated by one of our podiatric physicians. We specialize in chronic heel pain and have been innovative in advanced and noninvasive treatments.

I have my patients start with the basics - no matter how long they have had the heel pain or even if they have been treated elsewhere because I believe in them so much! Proper heel support, stretching of the fascia and the Achilles and education on shoe wear is the basis for anyone with heel pain.

For those with chronic heel pain (more than a few months), there is great hope! I have been using radiofrequencywith great success.

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