Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolution #5: Treat your injuries with the respect they deserve

Each week, I see at least one or two paients telling me they has a previous injury and they are now having related problems! Sometimes it is the same injury or sometimes it is a problem that occured at the same time of an injury that was treated at an emergency room but was ignored by the emergency room staff!

Far too often we hear of people simply getting an ace wrap for an ankle injury! Injuries need to be addressed as soon as possible and need to be given proper attention. Injured soft tissues (ligaments and tendons) need as much support, if not more, than broken bones. If they are not treated properly, re-injury of the tissue is likely in the future and scar tissue and chronic problems can easily occur. If pain persists even after you have been told by an emergency room or other doctor that you didn’t suffer a fracture, please make an appointment at Family Podiatry Center to properly evaluate your soft tissues. Soft tissue injuries including sports injury are a specialty of our doctors.

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