Sunday, January 16, 2011

Resolution #10: Don’t let flatfeet slow you down!

When kids complain about their legs feeling tired, it’s often because of flat feet; flexible flat feet to be exact. While it may look like they have arches, flexible flat feet lose their arch when they bear weight during walking. The muscles have to work harder than normal and tired feet and legs are a common complaint. Adults suffer from problems from flat feet as well. Bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and heel pain develop over time due to the instability of flexible flat feet. Tendons in the arch are commonly affected in adults with flat feet. Many women over the age of forty have this problem but men can develop it as well. The tendons can become inflamed, tear, develop scar tissue and even rupture all because of the lack of support. There are so many ways to treat the symptoms of flat feet now – ways that do not involve the extensive reconstructive surgery that was once the norm. Dr. Reid and Dr. Kosova have had special training in a simple procedure that uses a stent to keep the arch from collapsing that many of our patients are benefiting from.

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