Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Stilettos and Cobblestone - do the two work together???

Okay,  I am a little obsessed right now with Meghan Markle but not as much as Google thinks because I keep getting Meghan Markle news links!  But this one was pertinent.  Meghan wears heels on cobblestone in Dublin explores the difficulty wearing heels while walking on cobblestone streets!

I could swear I already wrote an article on this, but can't seem to find it.  The short answer is NO - of course high heels and cobblestones don't mix!  Walking on any uneven surface is difficult but cobblestone surface is uneven, irregular and a mix of contours joined together with sand.   And if you have ever tried walking in sand with heels, you know what additional problems that brings!

So what risks did Meghan take when walking on cobblestone in her 3 inch Sarah Flint shoes (not really stilettos if they are only 3 inches People Magazine)?  She risks spraining her ankles, spraying her foot, sustaining a fracture if she slips and getting those skinny heels stuck in that sand!

What the People article didn't talk about is the problem more women experience while wearing heels in another inconvenient surface:  grass.  They did provide a photo showing the Duchess of Sussex standing in the grass and mentioned that she was able to walk across the park, but the take home message in this instance is simply having those skinny heels sink into the grass!  I KNOW you have experienced that at least once.  in your high heel wearing life time!  Unlike walking on cobblestone, walking on grass while in heels once is certainly enough to make sure you don't make that mistake again.  Seems that getting stuck in the grass is more embarrassing than falling and spraining your ankles!  And who want to clean the mud off the heels while you are out and about all dressed up!

Bottom line - know where you will be walking BEFORE you venture out in those skinny heels!

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