Saturday, January 6, 2018

Resolutions for the New Year: Resolve to Walk!

New Year's Resolutions...................

Resolution #1:  Be more active on this Blog!!

So many people include exercise as a resolution for the new year.  So many people give it up because the exercise they have chosen becomes a hardship either because of cost or complicated new equipment.  In my mind, the best exercise is also the easiest:  Walking.

Walking requires no special equipment other than a pair of appropriate shoes.  Walking requires no cost of membership.  Walking requires no commitment or long term relationship with a gym.  Walking requires you to 1) put on your shoes and 2) Go!

I used to think the same about running.  I loved to run.  I loved the crisp fresh air and the energy I felt when I was out there engaging with the world outside.  And running was easy.  Just put on my shoes and go!  Running became a problem however, when I my knee scope showed significant arthritis.  So instead, walking became the new running.

There are a MILLION websites with info on running, especially with the new year just behind us.  This article is what inspired me to return to this blog after a much too long absence.  There is some great advice here on how to maximize your walking workout.  Walking is the simplest thing you can do to get in shape for the new year!

While I can't promise I will blog weekly, I will try to focus on walking more because I truly believe walking is the answer to many people's quest for fitness.

Today I want to talk about shoes.  While there used to be an entire category of "walking shoes" that I don't think were never intended for fitness walking.  The very best shoes for fitness walking are running shoes.  Running shoes, as opposed to tennis shoes, basketball shoes or even cross trainers allow you to propel in a forward motion from heel to toe.  Running shoes generally have more space in the toe box, provide more support, give padding at the ball of the foot and allow for shock absorption.  I am talking about traditional running shoes, not minimalist runners.

This post isn't intended to discuss the differences in the types of running shoes out there - that is an entirely different topic but the key elements are 1) making sure you have enough arch support if you are a pronator and 2) making sure you have enough shock absorption if you have a high arch foot and 3) its important to see a podiatric physician to determine your foot type and to be evaluated if you should be in custom orthotics before buying new running shoes.   For now, however, make the resolution to walk, find your running shoes and Go!

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