Thursday, February 27, 2014

Emergency Padding!!


A few months ago I was interviewed for an article on emergency padding for blisters.  At the time, I spoke of coban which is a self adhesive bandage that works great on toes and controls friction to stops irritation.  Of course, it was pointed out that most  people don't carry around a small section of coban (I do) and I spoke of how you can modify a Band-Aid to protect a blister without adding too much bulk to the blister itself.


I was in a similar situation this past weekend
when the boots that were so comfortable on my last trip ended up being NOT so comfortable on this past trip!  I felt as if I was developing blisters at both my heels and the balls of my feet.  Cobain would not work in this situation!

So I tried to figure out what to do for the following day and then I remembered that I had panty shields with me!
It was perfect.

They provided the perfect amount of friction control and didn't add too much bulk in my shoes.  The adhesive was strong enough that they stayed in place and it was quite a successful!  I was totally comfortable all day long. 


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