Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Timberland Boots - Are They Really Making a Comeback??

I just read an article about Timberland Boots from the 90's making a comeback!   The fashion site listed them as fall's must-have footwear.  Yah!!   I think we all still have them in our closets, waiting for that hiking trip that never happened.

So are they really a fashion statement?  Are they that different from my daughter's vintage Doc Martens?  Or her current Doc Martens? 

I may not be the person to answer those questions, but I am the person to answer the questions about their function and support and how they are for the feet!

Most bulky boots, like Timberlands, have an intrinsic arch support within them.  Many of them are removable so that you can put your custom orthotics in them to be able to benefit from them on a daily basis.  The boots have a supportive heel so they are great for those with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.  The forefoot of the rugged style boots is boxy in shape so they are great for people who have bunions.  The heel height of Timberlands is usually less than an inch and a half, so they are great for all of us to ensure stability when we walk.

Unless of course, people start to consider alternatives.....

 All in all, I couldn't be happier from a professional point of view. 

From a fashion point of view, however...................


  1. Thanks for the blog! I've been wearing these on the job lately! I've always had bad feet and my friend said that they might help! I hope my feet can improve before i go to the foot health centre in Calgary. I hope they can help too!

  2. Timberland Boos are really amazing. They make every size of boats and also every style of boots. A few years ago, they don't in a leading race. But they get a quick comeback.

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