Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Flip Flop Danger

So I thought I have heard all the flip flop injury stories: getting one caught on an escalator, losing a flip flop when running, tripping over the end of the shoe, having the flip flop get stuck in bicycle spokes... and then until the other day I heard a new one!

A patient told me he tripped on the gas line while at a gas station! He fell, sprained his ankle AND broke a bone in his foot! He went to the ER for his ankle, but they totally ignored his foot pain.

Its not that uncommon to injure your foot when you sprain an ankle. The twisting can not only stretch the ligaments of the ankle, but can also cause a tendon to pull off one of the bones on the outside of the foot. Most emergency rooms will focus on the obvious - the ankle sprain and few ER doctors are even aware of the related injuries that can happen to the foot.

Whether its due to a flip flop injury, fall on the ice, or soccer injury, the BEST place to go after an ankle sprain is NOT the ER, but the office of a podiatric physician! Today's Podiatrists have the education, training and experience to properly evaluate ankle and foot injuries like no other physician. With almost all podiatrists having in office x-rays and many having diagnostic ultrasound, all your bone and soft tissue injuries can be identified properly the first time around! AND make sure you have the proper treatment - not just an ace wrap and crutches!


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