Friday, November 13, 2009


I am always answering questions about shoes so I thought it was time that I began to write about shoes and how they can help or hurt your feet.

Lets start with everyone's favorite shoes - High Heels!!

High heels are simply not good for your feet! True, women with higher arches can wear them more comfortably and with more stability, but down the road they can cause problems at the ball of the feet. Torn ligaments, inflammation and stress fractures can occur from constant high heel use. Heels over three (3) inches put seven times the pressure on the ball of the foot and that pressure wears out the normal tissue. Many women as early as their late 20's start having problems at the ball of the feet.

I am realistic, however, and know women are going to continue wearing heels. So here is what you need to do:

1) Alternate your heel height daily, even if its from a 4" heel to a 3 1/2" heel. That will change the force on the bones daily.

2) When trying on shoes, get off the carpeted area. You want to see what type of padding the shoe itself gives - not the padding the carpet has!

3) Never wear a shoe that you feel unstable in. Many women sprain their ankles when they wear heels that are too high for them

4) Try to find a heel that is wide if you feel unstable.

5) Go for the kitten heels! Same look as heels but without the dangers

6) Height is an illusion! Stand tall, throw your shoulder back and go for the 1 1/2" heel instead of the 3" heel!

Next up - platform shoes!!

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